Solar Energy

Solar Energy

Infospark Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to bringing renewable energy to India and abroad; to helping the environment; to establishing energy independence; and to educating the public on how to take part in making a healthier, more secure future. We have installed solar equipments in association with Department of TEDA.

More importantly, we believe that our projects also serve as a vital foundation for a sustainable future for generations that will follow. It is our responsibility as a corporate citizen to contribute back to the environment that we share. Infospark Solutions Private Limited was established by Indian national shareholders who together share a common goal of pushing the technological envelope for clean renewable energy, and harnessing it for the benefit of those communities that surrounds us.


To become a world-class regional leader in providing renewable energy through reliable technologies to serve both commercial and social societies


To establish a solid footprint in India in the solar power industry and expand into other renewable energies as well as developing an international solar power business focusing in Asia & other regions.

About Solar Energy

Solar radiation sustains all forms of life on earth. The main features of solar radiation are its wide spread distribution, inexhaustible supply and pollution free source of energy. India receives solar energy equivalent to about 500 trillion kWh per annum, more than enough to provide for the entire country’s needs.

In India, the daily solar energy incidence varies from 4 – 7 kWh per m2 and many regions in the country enjoy 250 to 300 sunny days annually.

Types of Solar Energy Systems

Solar Photovoltaic Systems

Photovoltaic (PV) systems generate electricity from the light of the sun’s rays. Broadly, solar PV systems can be classified as thin film or crystalline solar PV systems. Owing to their modularity, solar PV systems can be implemented on small rooftops to large MW, scale ground mounted power plants.

Some of the key applications for solar PV include

  • Utility scale solar power plants
  • Rooftop solar power plants
  • Solar streetlights
  • Solar lanterns
  • Solar water pumps

Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems recover energy from the heat of the sunlight. Unlike solar PV which can be used only to generate electricity, solar thermal systems can be used for power production or for heating/cooling applications. Thus, solar thermal systems can be used in a range of applications – from simple solar water heaters, to solar air heating and air conditioning systems, to medium temperature thermal applications, and finally to produce power, through concentrating solar power systems.

Key applications for solar PV include

  • Solar water heaters
  • Solar dryers
  • Solar air conditioners
  • Solar industrial process heating
  • Concentrating solar thermal

Projects completed in Solar Energy

  • 2015 (TEDA) Tamil Nadu Energy Development Agency 22423 Solar Home lighting For Free Home in tamilnadu Dist
  • 2017 bidhannagar municipal corporation Complte 24000 solar Street Light work
    Kolkata: Solar power will soon light up Poura Bhavan, the Bidhannagar Municipal Corporation's headquarters in Salt Lake. It will help the civic body to save several lakhs annually in the form of electricity bills.
  • 2014 The University of Mysore Complte 240 Street lights and water Heater For all hostels
    The University of Mysore is a leader in solarization of its campus with solar power provided in all street lamps and providing solar water heaters in all hostels. The campus has a good number of flower-full gardens and lawns. The ambience is comparable with some of the world-class universities including the pleasant weather, noise-free environment and student-friendly atmosphere.